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Yuan-Shan Weir Gates Renewal and Improvement Engineering Project — Sinotech receives two 2018 Public Construction Golden Quality Awards
January 8 2019
The Public Construction Commission has presented Sinotech with two 2018 Public Construction Golden Quality Awards for the Yuan-Shan Weir Gates Renewal and Improvement Engineering project. One award is in the design category, and the other construction supervision. Yuan-Shan Weir is an important part of northern Taiwan’s water resources infrastructure and ensures a stable water supply for Taoyuan and New Taipei City. The 12th Branch of the Taiwan Water Corporation commissioned Sinotech to improve overall operations of the weir whilst enhancing reliability of the spillway gates. At an awards ceremony held on 18 December, Senior Vice President C.R. Huang accepted the design award, and project assistant manager Hsu Lieh Tang of the Structural Engineering Department accepted the construction supervision award.

The project involved the replacement of sluiceway and spillway gate leaves and frames, irrigation and gravity intake gates, as well as related mechanical and electrical equipment. The design included enhanced corrosion prevention measures, spring wheels, earthquake-resistant wheels, and handle-operated dogging beams. This innovative approach significantly improved the safety, durability, and stability of the gates and it will lower maintenance costs. Carbon reduction measures were also adopted to mitigate the environmental impact. By making use of the existing hoists, the project minimized the use of equipment run on gasoline, such as mobile cranes. Construction was also planned so that the old gates, after being removed, could be reconstructed and used to block water during installation of the new gates.

Sinotech faced many challenges in the engineering design and construction planning phases of the project. Many of the gates were large, and the work space was limited. It was necessary to maintain normal water intake and flood discharge operations during construction. Weather was also a factor that could have put construction behind schedule. But all of these difficulties were overcome thanks to teamwork. Sinotech succeeded in meeting client expectations — the installation of reliable, water-tight gates for Yuan-Shan Weir.