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Taichung Metropolitan Area Elevated Railway Project — Sinotech wins 2018 Outstanding Concrete Engineering Award
January 8 2019
The Taiwan Concrete Institute has presented Sinotech with a 2018 Outstanding Concrete Engineering Award for its work on the Songzhu-Daqing section of the Taichung Metropolitan Area Elevated Railway Project. On November 30, a ceremony was hosted at the National Taiwan University Institute of Applied Mechanics. Sinotech Senior Vice President L.C. Chang was in attendance to accept the award.

For decades, trains operated by the Taiwan Railways Administration have run through Taichung at ground level, with the tracks and multiple railroad crossings separating neighborhoods and impeding traffic. The Taichung Metropolitan Area Elevated Railway Project, commissioned by the MOTC’s Railway Bureau, involves moving the tracks and stations aboveground to facilitate urban renewal. With the project now nearing completion, three overpasses and 17 railroad crossings have been removed and 18 underpasses filled in, streamlining traffic and improving safety in once heavily congested areas. Land adjacent to where the ground-level tracks used to be will soon become available for development. When complete, the project is expected to beautify the urban landscape and boost the local economy.

Sinotech was responsible for construction supervision of the Songzhu-Daqing section (tender CCL331), which primarily involves construction of the viaduct and installation of auxiliary facilities such as precast guard walls, noise barriers, expansion joints, drains, cable troughs, and foundations for overhead line masts. Sinotech also oversaw construction of the viaduct ramp and temporary Taiyuan TRA Station; the demolition of station facilities and neighboring tracks of temporary Taiyuan TRA Station, Taichung TRA Station and Daqing TRA Station; as well as land development and the construction of retaining walls beneath the viaduct.

Work space limitations and the existing 25 KV power cables made viaduct construction especially challenging at four railroad crossings (Songzhu Road, Shijia Road, Sanmin Road, and Wenxin South Road). Due to the tight vertical clearance of the cables, and in order to maintain regular TRA train services during construction, work primarily took place at night with the power switched off. Although these difficulties tightened the construction schedule, the team persevered in formulating effective strategies and completed work to quality standards and on schedule.