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Having a mean annual rainfall as high as 2500 mm yet with large seasonal variations, Taiwan requires advanced water management and long-term planning to provide steady and reliable water resources for sustainable development in society.

For years, Sinotech has been involved in numerous projects related to the study and planning of surface and ground water development. In all these, not only the traditional hydraulic engineering technology is employed, in coordination of the water environment conservation and ecological balance.

In water resources management, Sinotech has provided real-time information systems and assisted in setting up hydrological analysis system for the rivers and reservoirs to support the decision-making on the operation and management of water resources undertakings.

Surface water resources services include: integrated water resources development for southern and eastern Taiwan, and Kinmen and Matsu areas; development and reallocation of water resources on a regional basis in Chianan, Kaoping, Changhua-Yunlin and Hsinchu-Miaoli areas; feasibility study on the combined operation of Tsengwen and Nanhua reservoirs; planning of water source for downstream Chuoshui River; planning and investigation of the dam on upper Wu Creek; and planning of artificial lake development in Kaoping area.

Groundwater resources services include: study of combined use of surface and ground water on alluvial plain of Choshui River; investigation and evaluation of aquifer recharge in middle reaches of Choshui River and from the Kaoping artificial lake; planning and design of groundwater collectors under Choshui River; etc.

Services for water environment conservation and ecotechnology include: study of ecology and river fish conservation for the Taipower’s Xipao hydroelectric project; ecotechnological design of banks along upper Love River in Kaohsiung City; planning of minimum discharge from the Maan dam on Tachia River and the Nanxi dam on Hoping S. River to maintain ecological condition and design of their fish ladders; improvement of fish habitat for the Lixi dam on Choshui River; planning of ecological waterways on Guandu plain; etc.

Services for water information systems mainly include: planning of unified water resources allocation and management system for southern and northern Taiwan; establishment of run-off forecasting system for Choshui River basin; upgrade of hardware and software for the operation system of Feitsui reservoir; planning and design of automatic measurement and transmission systems for Liyutan reservoir; planning and study of groundwater quality monitoring websites; supporting system for decision-making on dry seasons.
Main Example
Feitsui Reservoir Project
This project is an engineering undertaking associated with long-range water supply development program of the Taipei City Government. It provides for the construction of 122.5 m high, 510 m in crest length concrete arch dam and a 70 MW power plant. The reservoir formed by the dam has a storage capacity of 406 million cubic meters which is lqrge enough to meet the projected future water demands up to the year 2030.
Shih-kang Dam Project
The Shih-kang dam, located in Shihkang, Taichung County, retains water of the Tachia River for domestic and industrial uses in Taichung Metro area.
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